Transcending the Stars Concert

August 23, 2015
Sheraton Amman Hotel
Map & Directions

A dream has come true! It was my first public concert, held at the Sheraton Hotel rooftop on August 23rd, 2015 in front of some 400 people. The event also marked the launch of my album “Hurrieh” (Freedom).

I performed in eight languages, including my own songs as well as a variety of popular international songs, sharing my story of seven chapters as the music played: Freedom; Courage; Transcendence; Music as a Universal Language, Passion; Music as a Catalyst for Healing and Peace; and Values as a Pathway to Freedom.

The opening song, befitting of the occasion, was al-Hilm al Mustahil (the Impossible Dream) accompanied by the Piano, which I played.


Transcending the Stars Concert at the Sheraton Hotel Amman.