Villa Lola House Warming Concert and Dinner Party

September 1, 2012
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The party, themed “white” was held in my house garden “Villa Lola” on September 1st, 2012, where 300 friends, all clad in white, were present.

I entertained my friends; singing, dancing and taking the stage to speak about the party theme, healthy diet and other topics dear to my heart.  Standing on a high balcony, I started the evening with a lullaby to my first grandson: “Ya Rajai’, followed by an array of my favorite songs on the pool deck to the music of my band “Freedom”.

It was indeed a house-warming gathering, as my friends and relatives mingled and sang along.

I took the opportunity to thank my parents, and children as well as all the creative people who took part in the design and construction of my house as I played a slide show, depicting the various stages of labor and fun that went into building and furnishing Villa Lola.