My Vision


Having lived through a challenging journey to overcome my severe anxiety and pursue my freedom in a constrained, reserved culture, I have come to realize that my story is not only about me, rather it is the story of every woman.

Therefore, realizing my purpose, my vision is to be the “Liberating Voice” through singing and public speaking. More so, my role is to guide, inspire, and empower women to overcome their fears, shame, and pain, with the aim of ultimately helping them find their purpose and become the best versions of themselves.


By honing my artistic skills, refining my voice as a singer and practicing my fingers on the piano.

Having worked relentlessly towards becoming a highly trained Holistic Counselor specializing in empowering self-actualizing women, and as a certified facilitator with leading edge transformational and feminine power tools, I have attained hands-on experience conducting workshops for women, preparing me to help and support you in the best possible manner.


Performing and producing songs that convey powerful messages, creating awareness and unleashing the power within.

Conducting workshops as a transformational facilitator to empower women, tackling various aspects of their lives along the path of pursuing and reaching liberation, with emphasis on establishing a new paradigm amongst women where they can work and flourish in harmony and support.

Motivating people through public speaking events on the various topics I have mastered.




« Through understanding and healing oneself, one is already on the path to inner peace, happiness and liberation of oneself and others. »
– Lina Nuqul

The Liberating Voice

Lina Nuqul is a story of perseverance and determination. “Whatever Lola wants, Lola Gets”. These were the echoing words of a song sung to her by her mother as a child, which have lingered on through the years to shape who she has now become: The Liberating Voice.

Drawn by the desire to make a difference to women’s plight, as well as her own, Lina Nuqul took up the challenge of honouring the virtues she holds dear to harness the power of music and give voice to her artistic expressions, productions and emotions, inevitably producing hit songs that are now the hallmark of her successful singing career.

The Liberating voice is very much a journey of self-empowerment as it is an empowering instrument for women to help them overcome feelings of fear, shame and pain. It is a music brand that typifies the non-binary forms of expression by which Lina validates her love of country, family, language or culture, together with the causes she holds dear to her heart. This is evident in her work in philanthropy, public speaking and transformational facilitation for women empowerment.


« I encourage you, regardless of your age, to believe that you have a special talent and if that gift is nurtured and practiced, you’ll be  enjoying a unique talent that no one has in the whole world. »
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Child

Born on May 8th, 1957 to an affluent family of Palestinian origin, Lina learnt from a very early age to play the piano, dance ballet and sing songs. The young ‘Lola” lived a childhood every young girl dreams of, in the comfort of a loving home, a wholesome society and an aspiring father whose indelible influence within the country and beyond is seen everyday.

Her childhood journey was as much of an endless stream of possibilities as she could dream and, in adulthood, a continuous string of hopes and desires that are not without constraints and barriers. What once rang true in the lyrics of her mother’s songs and in Lina’s mind years later did not ring true anymore!

Her innate desire to pursue a career in music did not bode well with her family’s ambition to partake in the running of the family business. She persevered, nonetheless, graduating from Al-Ahliyya School for Girls and continuing her education in Business Administration at New England College, UK.

The dutiful daughter acted in harmony with what was expected of her leading the Public Relations Department at Nuqul Group for nine years, but with a void in her heart that can only be filled by music.




« Since my childhood, music has always been my companion and a powerful tool that helps me heal and express myself.»
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Performer

Lina defied long-held norms and traditions, that have long confined women, in those days, to a stereotypical role or profession, to become a professional singer. In doing so, Lina managed to develop a persona of multi-faceted interests; she can sing, dance and play the piano on stage, even tell personal stories simultaneously.

She has, as a result, produced a diverse array of Arabic songs imbued with western-style melodies that play into a specific genre of music, that which embody a cheerful soul and an unpretentious heart.

Her on-stage performances in ‘Transcending the Stars,’ and ‘Nostalgia,’ were held with unequaled panache and nuanced detail in which she reflects on her self-empowering journey with music, along with her old time music favourites from Doris Day to Petula Clark and Engelbert and more.

It can, therefore, be said that during the arduous process of becoming a professional singer, Lina forged a place for herself in the music industry by simply dancing to the beat of her passion and inner calling.


Lina the Pianist

Lina’s first foray into music began from home with a mother who loves to sing and a father who enjoys music and loves to entertain. Elia and Samira Nuqul’s love of music and the arts, and appreciation thereto, is so that they wanted their first child to be well versed in it.

She became a talented piano-player growing up and was often called upon to play for her parents’ business guests. She loves to play modern pieces composed by famous international artists and by ear, and in maintaining the continuum of music entertainment her father fostered as a child, Lina continues to play to a wide audience and fans from the comfort of her home using her social media platforms.





« Piano speaks to the depth of my soul in happy and sad times. It is a privilege to be able to express myself through this beautiful and romantic instrument. »
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Singer

Lina’s love of singing is palpable. She takes up singing whenever an opportunity presents itself; in yoga sessions or family gatherings, special events or wedding celebrations, including her son’s wedding, almost always ready to rise to the occasion to lift up a crowd with a cheerful song and a lively beat.

She found huge satisfaction singing to Kindergarten children at Wahbeh Tamari within the National Orthodox School (NOS), including her own children Carol and Ziad and in subsequent years her grandchildren too, dedicating special songs to Rajai and Karim Sukkar and her mother Samira Nuqul.

Lina produced four albums and four hit singles: ‘Hams El Leil’ and ‘Inta ou Bas’ made their way to the top of the charts in Lebanon and Jordan, but it was with her single ‘Al Lugha Al Arabiya,’ meaning Arabic language that, she got her big break. ‘Al Lugha Al Arabiya’ was played time and time again on local media channels in Jordan and elsewhere around the region. Here, Lina brings her ‘alto’ voice to bear on the promotion and preservation of the Arabic language, and unity of the Arab world, in a highly acclaimed video production set against the background of Jordan’s prized historical site Um Qais.

She also produced ‘Song For Peace’, to promote peace, which she hopes to turn into a school anthem that is sung on World Peace Day. In it she calls for a World of Love and Peace and is delivered in English, Arabic, Italian and French as well as Spanish.

Lina the Dancer

Dancing is a mode of expression by which Lina transcends the stars! It gives her a deep sense of satisfaction and connection. When Lina takes to the dance floor, one can hardly tell when her soul takes flight and when her body dances. To the amazement of surrounding onlookers, Lina is seen to tread lightly and elegantly to the beat of latin songs and is carried away by the romantic sense of freedom in which dancing invokes, and undoubtedly, the attention of the spotlight!

She has over the years perfected different styles of ballroom and Latin dancing; from Tango to Salsa to Argentinean tango and is even becoming an icon of the Arthur Murray School of dancing and Fred Astaire where she is a popular role model and friend to the other students.





« Dance is an expression of life and a natural exercise. It builds confidence and connects people who share the same passion together”. »
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Business Woman

Lina grew up to become a well rounded woman, honest and sincere in her endeavors, generous and committed in her efforts, continuously evolving and finding new ways to enrich herself and others in hopes of finding fulfillment and purpose.

As a business woman and being her father’s daughter, Lina wasn’t prepared to let a good opportunity go to waste. She was quick to identify a gap in the market which prompted her to establish her own company to record and market her work, including those of aspiring artists in Jordan, and hence, Liberty Productions was born.

Liberty Production Studios is now a recording and production company for aspiring Jordanian artists to record and showcase, market and sell their work using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Her business is located in Jabal Al-Weibdeh where she is often seen practicing with her band.




« I work for a tough boss and that boss is me”. »
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Survivor

Life handed Lina a different set of trials equally matched by a wealth of blessings yet the balancing act between them wasn’t always easy. After (15) years of marriage, Lina divorced her husband  with whom she had two children: Ziad and Carol.

As a single mother, Lina raised her two children to become the established individuals they are today and, if ever proof is in the pudding, one can safely argue that she did a splendid job. Ziad is carrying his family’s legacy at Nuqul Group, just as his predecessors did before him, and Carol is running her furniture shop in Dubai. Lina also faced a debilitating condition in which she suffered from severe anxieties and multiple phobias, the result of which stifled her ability to make progress on a range of matters. She subsequently resorted to medication to alleviate the pain but eventually resolved to living without it using the power of music as a tool among other natural healing methods.

It can, therefore, be said that after overcoming one ordeal after another, Lina is a story of perseverance and determination. Her song and dance is all about turning a life of hollowed splendour into a life of meaningful purpose where she reconciles the undercurrent aspects of her life, living with mild anxieties and distress, with the open overtures of her career as a holistic counselor, singer, dancer and song writer, hence, emerging from her cocoon of self-doubt as a fluttering butterfly ready to color the world.




« One has to accept weaknesses and limitations of oneself and understand that whatever imperfections we have as human beings, therein lie our secrets to growth”. »
– Lina Nuqul

Lina the Speaker- Counselor-Transformational Facilitator

By liberating herself from the constraints and barriers that cultures impose on women in the Middle East, Lina was as able to forge a path of healing and renewal for herself from which she could find the motivation to fulfill her heart’s desires. In doing so, she accumulated a wealth of knowledge from  personal experience and education that she would like to impart on others.

Admittedly, her previous fears of unmet expectations, which once proved too much to bear, were overcome by music and her ability to unlock the feminine power within, which she learnt from Munira Nusseibeh’s School of Holistic Studies and eventually graduated from as a holistic counselor.

As a consequence, she became a motivational speaker to help others with similar experiences find their own path and by holding public talks to raise awareness of the experiences people suffering from severe anxiety go through. She even dedicated a special song for women empowerment entitled ‘Raise Your Voice.’

Her new found purpose is to create a virtuous ring of support to help steer women’s self-belief towards self-actualization and living their purpose, where she is delivering, as a certified professional Transformational Facilitator, a series of workshops to help them overcome feelings of fear, shame and pain under the brand ‘Find Your Voice.’


Lina’s Humanitarian Initiatives

One of the many initiatives she holds dear is the Equality in Christian Rights Initiative in which Lina Nuqul put together a group of prominent lawyers, social influencers and politicians from within the Christian community and drafted a model law that would give women equal rights on matters of inheritance, adoption and child custody.

The draft law received the consent of all churches in Jordan and was sent to the relevant authorities for consideration regarding its legislation. Lina Nuqul continues to play a huge role in enhancing awareness of women’s rights under this law and to proactively engage in advocating for equality in Christian Rights on behalf of Christian Women. She participated in WATAD, Jordan’s first and largest Christian festival on September 2nd, 2017 at Al-Ahliyya University to promote this initiative where she was warmly welcomed by large supporters and fans.

Additionally, Lina has recently joined as an active member in the General Assembly for the “Al Oun for Alzheimer’s Patient Care Association”.





« I have found that the more I stood by my rights and lived my values, the more I felt empowered and my self-worth was enhanced”.»
– Lina Nuqul